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Stratigens gives business leaders external data to connect the dots between strategy, location, business continuity and skills. We've done the hard work of analysing thousands of credible data sources so you can answer questions on skills supply, real estate, diversity and market entry. We provide the evidence to enable quicker critical business decisions, revolutionised in their logic and simplicity.

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External data to answer your internal questions

Stratigens, from Talent Intuition, provides access to the external skills availability, location and business intelligence to join the dots you need to deliver your strategy.  Data is analysed, framed around core business problems and displayed in an interactive format, allowing you to configure reports and collaborate with colleagues.


 “Historically, strategic decisions were made without workforce data being available. Many large corporations and societies are facing a demographics cliff and have to re-think their location strategy to access younger talent. It’s important for organisations like ours to be able to make informed decisions, not necessarily just global players but any that have a workforce of more than 10,000. Stratigens addresses this need.”
Head of Talent Intelligence, global conglomerate

Access external skills, locations and markets data

External data to answer internal questions

Join the dots between strategy, location, competition, risk and skills

Relevant curated skills and people news

Get results and reports quicker and more cost effectively than before

Break down siloed decisions and collaborate with peers

Putting skills at the centre of strategic decision-making

Delivering your strategy relies on you having a team with the skills your business requires in the future.

See how Stratigens works

Stratigens continually gathers skills, availability, location and business intelligence from thousands of sources, providing insight to answer strategic questions and drive transformation. 

Do we have the skills base to deliver our strategy? If not, where will we find these skills? Are we in the right locations to deliver our strategy?

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Be ready to thrive in unexpected circumstances

Stratigens helps your leaders regularly keep a pulse on the data, see what is changing, and anticipate problems before they happen.

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Whatever the scenario; skills, trends, behaviours and activity outside your organisation are influencing your chances of success. Stratigens makes sure you’re ahead of the game by bringing external data to join the dots between strategy, location, competition, risk and skills, so you can make better-informed decisions.

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