Below are answers to the questions most commonly asked according to our team. If you have a question that isn’t here please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Getting started

  • How do I get access to the Stratigens platform?

    Stratigens is bought as an annual subscription. You can add managed data services (which includes access to the platform) or buy bespoke services from us which we provide using data from Stratigens.

  • How much does Stratigens cost?

    You can see transparent pricing information here.

  • Are there any additional costs?

    No. There are no additional costs from those shown in our pricing document. Transparency is one of core customer values. Set up, on boarding and training are all included in the subscription. In addition to platform access, clients can purchase additional services through our consulting offering that includes customised reports, customised searches, and a more bespoke research service.

  • Do you offer a free trial?

    We offer a tailored demo based on your organisational challenges so you can see how the platform works and the results it generates. As part of the demo we can provide you with a free report based on the real challenge you’ve provided us with. Please talk to us about trial platform access.

  • What training do you provide?

    A virtual group training session is included as part of the on boarding process. Plus, there are resources, tours and videos and FAQ’s in the platform’s help section. If you can’t find the answer you want here, your Account Executive is always contactable.

  • How do you on-board new clients?

    Our client service team will send an introductory email to all users inviting them to set up their account and personal preferences. Every license holder will be invited a training session. A video about our on boarding process is available here.

  • Do you need access to our internal data?

    No. All our data comes from external sources and we do not need access to your internal data. In fact, we pride ourselves on bringing an outside in view to our clients.

  • Do you need access to our IT infrastructure?

    No. Stratigens is a cloud-based platform, you need internet access only. Log in is via username and password. We do not need access to your infrastructure. In some cases, the site may need approval from your IT team so you can download reports.

  • How many users does the Stratigens license include?

    Subscriptions include 5 or more licenses. You can see more information about licenses in our product comparison document here.

  • What happens if we need a more customised service?

    We can produce customised reports, customised searches, and a more bespoke service to meet your needs through our consulting and data services package.

About the platform

  • What is Stratigens used for?

    Stratigens™ is an insights platform that finds, models and analyses data about people, skills and places globally, so companies can make better decisions about their people, organisation & workplaces. Stratigens is used by global businesses so they can manage their skills supply chain, optimise where they have people and to inform their diversity strategies. To understand the business challenges that Stratigens can help you solve, check out our 'joining the dots' interactive graphic here: Join the Dots using Stratigens

  • What information does a search show me?

    Stratigens will surface data that is most relevant to your search. In all cases the platform will give you a side by side comparison screen and a recommendations tab that will highlight additional insights we think are helpful to your search.

    Depending on the search you do you will see:

    Skills supply search


    Workplace search


    Diversity search


    Supply and demand for the skill you searched in the locations you searched, including a breakdown of the data into experience, job roles, salaries on offer and diversity.


    Places where your talent acquisition teams should be visible to attract this talent. 


    Data on who you compete with for the talent you need so your talent acquisition teams can build target lists for hiring and attraction.


    How attractive a place is to the talent you need


    Future talent pools and education.



    Supply and demand for the skill you searched in the locations you searched, including a breakdown of the data into experience, job roles, salaries on offer and diversity.


    Places where your talent acquisition teams should be visible to attract this talent.


    Data on cost of office space, carbon footprint, co working and the ability to remote work, so you can determine the shape and place for the skills you need.


    Data on who you compete with for the talent you need so your talent acquisition teams can build target lists for hiring and attraction.


    Data on the ease of doing business, risks and economics in a location so you can inform your decisions.


    Key employment legislation so you can understand the cost of unwinding a location strategy.


    Data showing whether a place is great for research and development and innovation in a world that is constantly changing.

    Data on the breakdown of the talent pool for the skill you searched in the locations you searched.


    Broken down into gender, age and ethnicity so you can benchmark your internal pool against the available external pool and create informed targets.


    Data on who you compete with for the talent you need so your talent acquisition teams can build target lists for hiring and attraction.


    Sources of talent so you can understand where your inclusion and diversity messages and brand can be used most effectively to reach the people you need.


    Data on the diversity of the whole external population in the location identified. Details on legislation around disability and gender pay.


  • How is the data visualised?

    All data is presented in a way that you can easily conduct analysis, create interactive visualisations, and understand, tell, and share real-time with your business. Results from searches can be downloaded for easy inclusion in your reports.

  • Is it possible to export the data?

    The results of all queries you run can be exported and used in your own reports. The raw data cannot be exported.

  • Is it possible to produce custom reports?

    Results from searches can be exported and downloaded for you to create your own custom reports offline. If you subscribe to our consulting services package, we produce customised report templates on your behalf.

  • Can I customise my Stratigens homepage?

    Yes. You can customise your preferences to the news and insights that appear on your home page. You will also see your own saved searches and recent searches.

  • How is Stratigens built?

    Stratigens is a SAS web application, built using java and HTML5 bootstrap frameworks on a C# .net Core using MVC.  The application is deployed on UK Azure infrastructure that offers high availability and scalability to meet client demands. 

  • How secure is Stratigens?

    Access to the platform is fully secure with data and users fully separated through an authentication service.  Access is via a username and complex password and failed attempts result in accounts being locked. The platform holds minimal data about the end user including name, email and company and areas of interest to enable the data services to be customised to the user’s needs.  The platform does not hold any personal information or internal information in relation to your organisation beyond that which may be provided via the internet and publicly available sources.  Once logged in, a user has access to high volumes of external data, create searches and save them with no direct correlation back to the user.

  • Who uses Stratigens?

    Stratigens is used by companies that have a global footprint and who are being challenged in accessing the skills they need to deliver their strategy. It’s also used by companies that need more data to put together informed diversity targets and those that are reviewing their real estate and location strategies. Stratigens licenses are typically held by Heads of HR, strategy, real estate, diversity & inclusion, talent acquisition, talent intelligence and sourcing.

  • Do you work with channel partners?

    Yes. We work with a select number of channel partners.

    Please complete this form if you are interested in becoming a reseller  or channel partner.

    Our Accredited Partner Programme has been designed for consultants looking to support their small to medium-sized clients with HR Software. From set-up to easy ongoing access to data, Stratigens will help you to help them make better informed decisions using facts not feelings.

    Our referral partner programme is designed for those who recognise the value that HR technology can add to high growth businesses and global corporates. Most popular with independent and small consultancies. Unlike becoming an Accredited HR Partner Channel, a Referral Partner is a low touch approach.

    As either an accredited partner or a referral partner, your client will be fully supported by our client team and a dedicated account manager will assist in building your Stratigens client base.

  • What happens if you haven’t worked with companies that hire the same skills as our company before?

    Whenever we work with an early adopter in a new sector or industry we work hard to make sure we get the relevant skills and data included in the platform as quickly as possible. The advantages of being an early adopter are firstly that we build a bespoke skills taxonomy for your industry, with you at the forefront of shaping it. Secondly, we're able to offer pricing that reflects your input into shaping the skills taxonomy, making Stratigens even more affordable.

  • What are Stratigens' SLAs?

    SLA's for our platform are:

    • Guarantee 99.9% up-time of Stratigens (excluding scheduled maintenance when we give users five working days notice)
    • Refresh rate no longer than 90 days (varies by data point)
    • Continuous improvement and data sources being added as we onboard clients from new vertical
    • Issues can be raised directly through platform
    • Support response time is
      • P1 prioritised issues – platform not available as it should – fix time four hours
      • P2 prioritised issues – parts of the platform not available – fix time one business day
      • P3 prioritised issues – non critical issue – fix time one week

About Stratigens data

  • What countries and cities are covered?

    We cover 550 cities in 50 countries and Stratigens is the most global platform in this space. Please contact the team here for a full list of countries and cities, or to discuss any locations that would be critical to your success. We are open to adding new locations into the platform.

  • What data sources does Stratigens use?

    Stratigens pulls from over 1480 data sources and uses over 200 identifiers and indexes to compile our insights and search analytics. We use over 32,000 data sources for news. This list is growing all the time, especially as we build out our data in non-English speaking countries.

  • How do I know where the data came from?

    Stratigens is completely transparent. At any time, you can click on a data value and be shown the original data source. This helps to build trust in the data with leadership teams around the world.

  • How confident are you in the data supplied?

    We display a confidence score out of 10 against data in the platform that illustrates how confident we are in the data you are being shown. This varies depending on the skill, location, data sources and number of identifiers a search query uses. By working in this way our clients can use the data in an informed way. In the words of one client "some data is better than no data, as long as we know how good it is".

    Unlike other platforms we do not infer data by looking at the nearest match. We believe if you need data about a location that is what you should receive – not data from the nearest location that may match. If we don’t have data for a location, we will tell you, and Stratigens will flag this to our team. We’ll then do our best to find the data and add the location as quickly as we can.

  • How often is the data updated?

    Skills supply and demand data will never be more than sixty days from a refresh. The most searched for skills are refreshed every thirty days. Geographic and socio-economic data is refreshed either monthly, quarterly, or annually depending on the type of data. We also force a refresh of data should an out of the ordinary event occur that we believe will impact on the data point. News and insights data is a real time feed.

  • What information does Stratigens store?

    Stratigens does not require users to share information and no data about the client organisation, employees or users is stored in Stratigens or required for the service. Users will however run searches and these searches are stored within the Stratigens platform. Through our authentication process all users are anonymised in their searches so there is no direct correlation between the company, the user and the search.


  • What information does Stratigens transfer?

    The data we provide is based on publicly available data or private data from across the world wide web. We use present and serve this data to the end user via our web platform. The user can download images of the dashboard they see however no actual data is transferred between us and the end user.

  • Can Stratigens be used to identify individuals?

    No. We do not provide information about individuals within the platform. Stratigens surfaces counts of people with specific skills only. None of the information we provide would be identifiable to an individual as the platform does not hold any personal identifiable data.

  • Do we need to conduct a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)?

    From a DPIA perspective the impact is lower than running skills searches via Google as Stratigens provides the service within a private and managed system. We do not hold sensitive data and as a SaaS system, we do not integrate or impact on your internal networks or systems. 

  • How is user data managed?

    Stratigens uses an authentication service which separates users from the data. On successful authentication, an API token is given to that user for the session and allows them to access the data and Stratigens services.  There is no direct identification of a user as we use randomised GUIDS to deliver this service. Against a user's profile we hold IDs which relate to saved and recent searches.  These are not identifiable from the user to the system and could not be directly correlated without access to the algorithm to unencrypt the IDs. We hold minimal data about a user in the system to allow login, which is held securely within our Azure services. 

"Stratigens averted the costs of poor location for a global engineering consultancy by providing insight into early career talent. By analysing 1300 data sources and 1.5 million profiles in under an hour Stratigens helped the company save millions in real estate investment."
Global engineering consultancy
"Stratigens increased the talent pool of a global defence sector organisation by 88% by identifying new target industries for talent acquisition. This data was used to prove skills supply during government contract bids"
Global defence organisation
"Stratigens data enabled a 5000+ headcount tech engineering business to compare locations for software engineers. Our data informed the firm's real estate strategy, ensuring they were in the right places to tap into rare skills"
Tech engineering firm
"Stratigens helped a global FMCG with over 50 brands to capitalise on market disruption. By providing insight on digital marketing talent in tandem with data on remote working we helped shape their attraction strategy"
Global FMCG
"Stratigens informed the employer branding strategy of a global defence business that wanted to extend its reach for senior talent beyond direct competitors. Stratigens identified sources of talent with lean manufacturing experience outside traditional talent pools"
Global defence business
"Stratigens demonstrated to an aerospace and defence client with revenues of more than $10bn that they were accessing only 12% of their available talent pool. By providing data on 39 specific skills we helped them negate the effects of an ageing workforce"
Aerospace client

To find out more about Stratigens and to book a demo please contact us. Or, if you are interested in becoming a Stratigens partner by offering Stratigens through your business please get in touch using the contact details below.

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