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CEO and Founder Alison Ettridge

Hi, I’m Alison Ettridge, founder and CEO of Talent Intuition and creator of Stratigens. Our story is one of a great team of people who came from big company backgrounds to establish a tech-start up in Cardiff three years ago.

Why? Because each of us believes that big external data can change the way we answer our internal questions. That data can connect the dots between strategy, location, business continuity and skills.

Having spent more than 20 years in recruitment, head hunting, research and talent intelligence I found that I was still challenging businesses on why they made strategic decisions based on internal analytics and gut feel and not on skills and big data. It turns out it’s because they just didn’t have access to the right information.

Why should we pick one location for a new office over another? Should we be looking at an office based, remote or hybrid operating model? If we need to consolidate, where should we keep a presence based on the availability of talent? What are other organisations doing about the gender pay gap? Who might our competitors for talent be in future? Accessing this data was expensive, piecemeal and static and often delivered through expensive, time consuming consultancy projects.

This is how Stratigens came about. Built around client developed user cases and by a team of data scientists, with the guidance of established senior professionals from the research and talent intelligence space. What we’ve created is not just talent intelligence or talent analytics – it is business intelligence that joins the dots. Stratigens is changing the way that business leaders make decisions by combining and presenting credible data from almost 1400 data sources.


  1. Stratigens concept developed by founder, Alison Ettridge

  2. Business plan approved

  3. Stratigens receives pre seed round of investment from Development Bank of Wales and key business angels

  4. Cardiff office established

  5. MVP launched and early adopters onboarded to Stratigens

  6. First full time employee recruited

  7. Stratigens platform v1 launched

  8. Stratigens first channel partner sale to major defence business

  9. Team grown to 12 employees

  10. Stratigens v2 launched with enhanced user driven features

  11. Stratigens receives seed investment from Development Bank of Wales and key business angels

Meet the Team

Alison Ettridge

Chief Believer (CEO)

Alison is our CEO and Chief Believer -  living the entrepreneurs dream! Alison loves helping HR Directors take data and insight to the Board to validate their views;  helping them to convince their leaders (turning them into Believers!). Alison has spent twenty plus years in the world of people and talent – from her first job (with our colleague Dom as her boss!) in executive recruitment, to sales at monster.com and then into the world of talent research and intelligence, which was where she spotted the opportunity for Stratigens – to bridge the gap between strategy and execution with data.

Alison enjoys leading the amazing TI team who all have a passion to change the way people view the workforce and workplace. Her passion is knowing that we are genuinely driving change in our clients' organisations for the better and doing it with data. The team all have curious minds and Alison loves the challenge that brings. Alison is in charge of bringing us all on the journey from start up to small business and now scaling, helping us to understand what's changing and what matters – and coupling this with the importance of remembering why we're doing this (the Belief thing just won't go away).

When she’s not leading the charge at TI, Alison has the most gorgeous (and patient) husband and an amazing little girl and a variety of different four-legged creatures who keep her busy. Weekends are spent on the back of a horse or hauling a fat pony with a child on around!

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Nathan Baranowski

Head of Making Magic Happen through Tech (CTO)

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Alan Glass

Chief Money Manager (COO)

Alan is our COO. He loves the challenge of creating a successful business from just an idea. He’s been instrumental in taking the Stratigens concept, producing plans, getting it funded, building the team and then delivering on the plan to create a global scale up business. At Talent Intuition, Alan is in charge of giving us budgets, support and guidance to make things happen so that the team can grow and develop without being micro-managed.

Alan’s background is in engineering consultancy which is took on straight after graduation, followed by 30 years in the software and services sector in various management, consultancy and founder roles. Most recently, Alan was the co-founder and MD of an IT services business which later floated on the AIM market. When he’s not creating value for Talent Intuition, he enjoys time socialising with family and friends, sport, and of course as our COO, keeping up to speed on current affairs.

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Chance Wilson

Head of Sales and Business Development

Chance is leading the charge on demonstrating the power of strategic talent intelligence to large scale enterprise clients. He loves taking his audience on a journey of enlightenment and revelation towards the insights and intelligence that Stratigens can yield. His mission is to help companies mitigate risks, costs and bad decision making associated with ambiguous information as a result of poor data.

Before joining the Talent Intuition team, Chance worked in the Middle East for 10 years where he held roles in HR transformation in-house, as a consultant and as an advisor to Boards.  His passion for data and intelligence in his military and commercial roles have shaped his professional direction of travel and he says it feels inevitable that he’s now found himself in a role using insight from data to help companies operate more strategically.

Chance relishes the opportunity to broaden the horizons of more organisations to gain valuable insights in a disconnected and fractured global workplace. Chance’s passion is supporting globally admired brands as a trusted advisor, enabling organisations to harness the intelligence and create order from chaos in the internal and external landscapes in which they operate.

When he’s not busy creating value for Talent Intuition’s clients, employees and investors, Chance can be found competing, volunteering and judging at equestrian competitions. 




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Myles Elder

Business Development Manager

Myles’ role is to help organisations to join the dots between people and strategy. He’s passionate about educating stakeholders on the value of data and how it can benefit their business through Stratigens. His ambition is grow with Talent intuition and to support the business in becoming the leading player in this space.

After seeing the innovative progression of Stratigens, and the passion of our CEO Alison, he thought it would be crazy not to join such a fantastic team! Myles loves speaking to potential clients who get excited about developing their talent processes and he loves the opportunity to perform a demonstration of our platform.

Myles landed in the labour market analytics industry by chance. After studying law at university, he joined a company that combined HR strategy with software solutions. He absolutely loved this concept which is what brought him to Talent Intuition.

Before Joining us, Myles worked for several organisations, selling consulting services and HR software. Myles is a DDI trained facilitator and has delivered leadership development training to c-suite and executive board members.

Outside work, Myles is a vinyl man at heart, and loves his music. If he’s not spinning vinyls then you’ll find him in the kitchen baking cakes or cooking something crazy, possibly his speciality which is slow-cooked BBQ watermelon!

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Dominic Burrows

Chief Networker

Dominic is an Associate Director with Talent Intuition and is here to help us meet our ambitious growth plans. Dominic spent more than 20 years in senior executive recruitment working on assignments for global brands before launching his own consulting business in 2018.

He now works with a small select portfolio of fast-scaling businesses in the HR and tech space, including Talent Intuition. Dominic joined Talent Intuition as he has worked with our CEO Alison in their Harvey Nash days and has great faith in Talent Intuition’s offering, especially our analytics product, Stratigens. In his spare time Dominic is reliving his sports-filled youth through his cricketing daughter and rugby playing son. Dominic also supports his wife Cami who is a Global VP of organisational development at a major digital broadcasting network.

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Laura Turner

Head of our Client Friends & Deliverers

Laura joined Talent Intuition as a consultant and researcher. She enjoys being part of TI because of our culture of innovation - that we’re always to do things better and that we practice a lot of what we preach in that we have a very open, flexible working culture.  We push ourselves to provide excellence to our clients whilst respecting that we all have a life outside of work.

Laura’s career started in executive search, straight out of university, before she moved into broader talent intelligence consulting. Laura’s professional passion is helping to answer big people questions. She truly believes that there is nothing our research team can’t answer if we ask the right people the right questions. When Laura’s not connecting and engaging with executive talent for our clients, she spends as much time outdoors as possible: running, dog walking, and exploring the world through the eyes of her toddler, Callen.

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Lina Shulman

Hands on Data, Head in the clouds

Lina is our chief problem solver and data scientist. She studied mathematics and statistics at university but only really found herself when she discovered data science. Lina joined Talent Intuition because she enjoys seeing how a single question can unfold into thousands of possibilities and later emerges into single solution – which is exactly the process we go through for our clients. As she says, the single or perfect solution doesn’t always look so perfect if you see it from a different angle which is why we need data science, and why so often, one question leads to another.

At Talent Intuition Lina’s passion is applying her AI models to some really difficult problems. Outside work Lina can be found making model airplanes with her son or debating interesting topics and making travel plans for exciting destinations with her daughter. Lina also loves reading and films and loves to get lost in Utopian and fantasy worlds as complete relaxation from work.

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Joanne Rogers

Head of Making Noise

Jo leads our marketing efforts and is in charge of making as much noise about TI as possible. Jo has worked with Talent Intuition since 2016 and has enjoyed being on the journey so far having worked with Alison in previous roles and watched TI and Stratigens since their very beginnings. Jo’s background is in professional services and business to business marketing.

Before arriving back in the UK in 2015, Jo worked for Hay Group as Head of Marketing for the Middle East and was based in Dubai for seven years. Her professional passions are great content and great marketing tech. When she’s not making noise about TI, Jo loves competing with her horse, walking her terrier and tinkering with Land Rovers. She lives in Cheshire with her husband Chance, her naughty terrier Beeswax, and horse, Ted.

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Sarah Clayton

Head of Getting Stuff Done

Sarah joined Talent Intuition at the start of 2020 as a virtual assistant. Sarah set up her business with the aim of creating a remote working career that is not influenced by location, and her professional passions are problem solving and having a project to tackle. She helps all of us at TI to stay organised and up to date.

Sarah’s background is in recruitment and property – though as an Army wife she’s held a variety of roles to fit around moving and bringing up two children. Sarah has moved 14 times in 20 years including 4 overseas moves! Her roles have included working in a young offenders’ prison, on an army camp, exam invigilating at schools, and working with horses. When she’s not organising us all at TI Sarah’s loves are riding, walking her border terrier called Midge, running, yoga, skiing and generally being outside. Sarah has two teenage children and enjoys spending time with her family.

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Kelly Berryman

Head of Paying Money

Kelly is our finance manager. She joined Talent Intuition because she loves how incredibly friendly the team is and the passion everyone has for their work. Kelly has known our CEO, Alison, for a long time and has watched the business flourish. She sees Alison’s passion reflected in the whole team and the work that comes from it, which is a real testament to our culture. Kelly’s role is to provide us with accurate financial information in a timely manner which helps us to make the correct business decisions. She loves supporting from the accountancy side to free up the rest of the team to focus on their own strengths.

Kelly qualified as a Chartered accountant in Bristol and then worked for an accountancy firm in Cheltenham before setting up her own business in Animal Care and assisting with organising horse events - which she still does alongside running her accountancy business!  Kelly has two dogs, Snoopy and Rupert, with whom she competes in agility classes, and she loves a long pub walk. She also spends a lot of time with her young horse, Una, and enjoys anything that involves being outside with friends and animals. 

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Chris Elliott

Non-Executive Director

Chris is an experienced NED with a reputation for leading the development of innovative commercial, financial and operational strategies which lead to significant business benefits. During his extensive career Chris has had several successes in establishing new business ventures, penetrating new markets, private equity and acting as Strategy SME.

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Advisory Team

"Stratigens averted the costs of poor location for a global engineering consultancy by providing insight into early career talent. By analysing 1300 data sources and 1.5 million profiles in under an hour Stratigens helped the company save millions in real estate investment."
Global engineering consultancy
"Stratigens increased the talent pool of a global defence sector organisation by 88% by identifying new target industries for talent acquisition. This data was used to prove skills supply during government contract bids"
Global defence organisation
"Stratigens data enabled a 5000+ headcount tech engineering business to compare locations for software engineers. Our data informed the firm's real estate strategy, ensuring they were in the right places to tap into rare skills"
Tech engineering firm
"Stratigens helped a global FMCG with over 50 brands to capitalise on market disruption. By providing insight on digital marketing talent in tandem with data on remote working we helped shape their attraction strategy"
Global FMCG
"Stratigens informed the employer branding strategy of a global defence business that wanted to extend its reach for senior talent beyond direct competitors. Stratigens identified sources of talent with lean manufacturing experience outside traditional talent pools"
Global defence business
"Stratigens demonstrated to an aerospace and defence client with revenues of more than $10bn that they were accessing only 12% of their available talent pool. By providing data on 39 specific skills we helped them negate the effects of an ageing workforce"
Aerospace client

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