Securing your future competitive advantage

Stratigens provides access to external skills, location and market data to help you deliver your strategy.

  • Inform real estate decisions
  • Inform new geography and new market decisions
  • Keep your finger on the external pulse of best practice
  • Access valuable insight not accessed in a normal web search
  • Join the dots between teams and amongst peers
  • Anticipate problems and proactively manage skills supply
“Stratigens has really rich data and combinations of data that we have not seen in one platform before”
Workforce planning and optimisation expert, Fortune 500 company
“Stratigens’ evidence based collective intelligence on the marketplace has been useful for analysing niche areas”
Head of Capability, major defence supplier to MoD
"This is hands down better than any other platform we have seen in this space"
Head of Talent Acquisition & Insight, global medical technologies firm
"Historically we would have to hire a strategy consultancy, now we can use Stratigens which provides visibility on the skills are available in a location”
VP HR EMEA, global pharmaceutical business
"It’s important for organisations like ours to be able to make informed decisions, not necessarily just global players but any that have a workforce of more than 10,000. Stratigens addresses this need.”
Head of Talent Intelligence, global conglomerate
"Stratigens provides a unique outlook on the jobs and skills in the global workforce"
Global Talent Intelligence, Fortune 500 medtech company

Strategy-led location decisions

Making location decisions without skills availability data is fraught with risk. Stratigens provides collective intelligence to help you join the dots across your functions for informed decision making.

New markets, acquisitions and transformations

Most businesses are transforming to remain competitive. Understanding skills availability, employee expectations and legislation, and business risk all impact the viability and cost of doing business.

Business continuity

Understanding where the people are that you need to deliver your strategy is risk management at its best. Stratigens enables you to take a proactive approach to managing people risk.

To see the business challenges that Stratigens can help you solve, check out our 'joining the dots' interactive graphic here:

Join the Dots using Stratigens


Stratigens uses external data to answer internal questions and easily save and share reports across your teams to help you join the dots and make better decisions.


Access skills availability, labour market, business intelligence and diversity data to show the location of key skills and the relationship to the macro environment.


Join the dots and combine location, skills, culture and property data. Challenge your plans and compare data to make better-informed decisions.

Stay informed

Relevant curated HR news and thought leadership. Find out what’s new, what’s changing and what’s unusual in your competitive environment.


Results are presented in a visually interactive format. Download and configure your own reports.


Comment, save and share stories and reports with other users.


Easily build data-driven reports to save and share across the teams.


Features Comparison

Access to the Stratigens platform provides access to thousands of external data points. Through our professional services package we offer a range of customised reports, data science projects and bespoke research in addition to platform access.



Stratigens Subscription

Enable your teams to quickly produce unique insight from millions of data points.

Stratigens professional services package
(Stratigens + consulting assignments)

Tell us your challenge and we’ll manage the rest

Global dataset

Skills supply and demand


Skills diversity data

Talent competitor data

Economic and business risk data

Workplace and location data

Downloadable data

Customised reports

Enterprise only

Customised skills taxonomy


Enterprise only

"Stratigens averted the costs of poor location for a global engineering consultancy by providing insight into early career talent. By analysing 1300 data sources and 1.5 million profiles in under an hour Stratigens helped the company save millions in real estate investment."
Global engineering consultancy
"Stratigens increased the talent pool of a global defence sector organisation by 88% by identifying new target industries for talent acquisition. This data was used to prove skills supply during government contract bids"
Global defence organisation
"Stratigens data enabled a 5000+ headcount tech engineering business to compare locations for software engineers. Our data informed the firm's real estate strategy, ensuring they were in the right places to tap into rare skills"
Tech engineering firm
"Stratigens helped a global FMCG with over 50 brands to capitalise on market disruption. By providing insight on digital marketing talent in tandem with data on remote working we helped shape their attraction strategy"
Global FMCG
"Stratigens informed the employer branding strategy of a global defence business that wanted to extend its reach for senior talent beyond direct competitors. Stratigens identified sources of talent with lean manufacturing experience outside traditional talent pools"
Global defence business
"Stratigens demonstrated to an aerospace and defence client with revenues of more than $10bn that they were accessing only 12% of their available talent pool. By providing data on 39 specific skills we helped them negate the effects of an ageing workforce"
Aerospace client

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